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andamanese varnamaala


Great Andamanese Interactive Dictionary

Our dictionary

"The first-ever dictionary of the Great Anamanese language is out. It is published by Ratna Sagar, Delhi (www.ratnasagar.com). This dictionary is in three languages and three scripts with pictures. It is accompanied by a CD-ROM which not only contains the entire dictionary but also the sound files of words and sentences recorded in the natural habitat.


Dictionary of the Great Andamanese is launched on the 17th November at Brunei Gallery, SOAS, University of London. The details are given in below.

Lexicon of the Great Andamanese Language

Andamanese-English index                                       

Isolated words (audio)

abuse - akajire  audio

abuser - akajiretErcek audio

ash - biTHe audio

bird, a kind of - cElene audio

bird, kind of - cOra audio

bottle - bei audio

coal - aTpHinj audio

complain - arajulo audio

crab - kalaTop audio

crab - kEo audio

dog - cao audio

fire wood - aTH audio

fish - camuaudio

lie - akaikHe audio

lightening - ale audio

mourning ritual - araoDu audio

night, late - batErkEl  audio

Oil - caeone audio

old man - akamaitaratom audio

old woman - akamimitaratom audio

snake - calemo audio

thread - kEnmo audio


Boa Sr.


Noa Jr.