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andamanese varnamaala


Video Songs from the Great Andamanese

Songs from the Great Andamanese
(CD Cover of Song)

 S.No. Title English Translation  Artists  Duration
 1) a bilikhu kajobe sorokom audio O, God, Bilikhu! We are praying to you. Listen to us. As the storm is nearing, we must go to the sea and pray  Noe & Children  00:23
 2) ila do jara teikh audio NA  Boa Sr.  00:17
 3) to cong ... lira rotlo bejro audio NA  Boa Sr.  00:19
 4)  liro to marany tuke tare audio

Cannot sit as it is too hot.

 Boa Sr.  00:18
 5) kaptan sablang – a death song audio This song is about Boa Sr.’s husband’s arrest and imprisonment for six months  Ilphe  00:14
 6)    ila do jara tekh dunya audio

The Earth is shaking as the tree falls with a great thud.

 Boa Sr.  00:19
 7) re bit mo audio NA  Boa Sr.  00:12
 8) thora kala badal audio

Dark clouds are pouring down all over the place

 Boa Sr.  00:16
 9) er cuo tatung audio Let us dance together  Boa Sr.  00:12
 10) ana phalte audio

Dongi (a small boat) of Jijaji (sister’s husband) is approaching

 Noe  00:18
 11) er tang khodo audio You have been sitting folding thin arms around your knees. In rain, you have been sitting like this  Boa Sr.  00:08
 12) nodoka la ja badoi audio  NA  Boa Sr.  00:09
 13)   lotob do o  eremla audio

He is going all alone to bring things and he is helped by his wife as he has to cross a canal.

 Boa Sr.  00:14
 14) anyo baro  nirkonopirai audio Go on hunting with bow and arrow and bring a pig  Boa Sr.  00:17
 15) teri longathe balaoko audio Hands are unable to reach the fruits on the tree  Boa Sr.  00:13
 16) long the phere  audio There is one wood in the forest, which causes swelling and bruises upon touching  Boa Sr.  00:15
 17) o care didi pila ri audio   NA  Boa Sr.  00:11
 18) cok biron khao na audio NA  Boa Sr.  00:17
 19) thor ua bira audio NA  Ilphe  00:18
 20) iya ya khibanya bethe audio We are unable to uproot (it) completely  Boa Sr.  00:13
 21) liro te maranytuke audio NA  Boa Sr.  00:19
 22) calo bath angotha audio

You forgot what I asked you to do during the night.
(I am asking to go for work, but nobody is listening)

 Boa Sr.  00:08
 23) mange ara kulure komage re audio We are sprinkled by water as we  are moving fast in the high tide. It seems the boat is shaking a lot  Boa Sr.  00:12
 24)  kirem elera coro 

We are sweating as turtle’s bone is roasted in fire, besides there is also a very strong Sun.

 Boa Sr.  00:13
 25) a lao nata thi audio NA  Boa Sr.  00:13
 26) ralok ra chilo audio Pigs run towards the hunters and when hit by arrows they run away and make noise upon being hit.  Boa Sr.  00:09
 27) tha mimi muku audio My mother, Muku, is saying that if she knew she could make/ cut the boat  Noe  00:13
 28) a nya lapra burkhot audio Waves are breaking high up with a heavy sound.  Boa Sr.  00:09
 29) a ka ye audio NA  Boa Sr.  00:09
 30) a jilap tara kamo audio 

Those with squinted eyes aim somewhere and look somewhere else.

 Boa Sr.  00:12
 31) a je phera thu thu  audio   

Rain-water is flowing heavily down into the canals.

 Boa Sr.  00:12
 32) anya somra phala  audio Slow down the boat as the breaking stream and tide are pushng the boat down  Tango  00:13
 33) er cot loe cong ciri audio   (His) face has become thin  Boa Sr.   00:11
 34) iya ya khitong kora cera  audio   I am getting tired due to work and my hands are burning/ aching  Noe  00:12
 35) tongot bulya li audio Worship them who are dead  Boa Sr.  00:12
 36)  cok birong khao na  audio

Why are you all talking and laughing while eating turtle?

 Boa Sr.  00:12
 37) a dure kaiyo lorika  

Places by the side of the roads are not good for living

 Boa Sr.  00:08
 38) iya ya khitong cong ciri  audio I am getting tired due to work and my hands are burning/ aching  Boa Sr.  00:12
 39)  er tap tap  audio We are going to another/ distant place  Boa Sr.  00:08
 40) anya somra phala kapulia audio NA  Ilphe  00:14


iya ya khitong kora  audio I am getting tired due to work and my hands are burning/ aching  Boa Sr.  00:12
 42)  le le phurjo audio

Do not swing so fast on the tree, the ants might fall onto you.

 Boa Sr.  00:15
 43) sea song audio NA  Pao Budha  00:06
 44) turtle hunting song audio     NA  Pao Budha    00:19


Boa Sr.


Noa Jr.